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c1968 Mattel Baby Go Bye Bye w/ Bumpety Buggy & Box

baby go bye bye w/ bumpety buggy car | C1968 Mattel Baby Go Bye Bye w Bumpety . Remember this fondly, especially the blue butterfly

Books - It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means good-bye to someone you love.

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Photo (A Gentlewoman)

If I could have just one thing in life... it would be for you to believe in magic because of me. k&m

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Top 11 Greek Islands To Visit on $50/Day

11 Greek Islands To Visit On Less Than $50 / Day: I love Greece! I went there in 1998 as an 18-year old and had the best time ever. People are so friendly, it's an incredible atmosphere. Now I must make time to do some island hopping. Here are my top 11 island travel destinations in Greece!!

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This TBT Of Taylor Swift Will Make You Go "Awww"

Taylor Swift As A Blue-Haired 11-Year-Old Has To Be The Cutest Thing Ever

......Im sorry guys I come from a Family with a Dirty sense of humor and this is just in my element so I laughed and Repinned. Also! I just have to add! if u read this and dont get what the end sentence means.....You should not be going after 19,20,22 year olds love! Xx~S

Disclaimer: Everyone on Instagram is going crazy about Adam using a bad word. He is not perfect and he is a 27 old man. Even one of my best guy friend said a bad word before and I still love him as a brother in Christ. Even I have my moments too in using a bad word. Stop bashing on Adam and let him be himself. I still love the guy in Christ and his personality. That is my thought and y’all have a blessed day.

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Best Military Family Resources Everyone Should Know

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul//

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28 Times Harry Styles Needed To Not

he is 5. he is literally five years old and trying to get out of trouble.

Lol... You haven't survived his ex wife cuz I'm still here bitch!!! After all you were his side bitch and I was his wife! I don't force him to be in my life, he chooses to be. If he didn't want me, he would walk away. Lmao stop with the blame game. That shit is getting really old! Bye Felicia!!!

oh wow.. It just hit me, his appearance changed a lot. I still don't love him any less though. <3 This made me cry though, it's like saying," these are my old reckless ways, I've put them away now."

Farm road- some day I will travel a road like this, driving an old truck like this, headed toward my own little slice of heaven (my farm). Some day.