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when life gives you coconuts, crack them open and eat it

summer summer summer.

the most amazing roadtrips happen in the summer.

#Summer ...i miss you!!! :)

I love summer days!

Oh yeah.... :)

you can have one or the other on this one, but not both . thinking of the beach does not make me calm, it makes me incredibly EXCITED! Calm doesn't even enter into it until I'm actually AT the beach.

BEACHES >>>  You Guessed It and Dads There which is Home Away From Home ---- Love Hawaii          Dad

PINK beach sign--I'm totally there.

the beach . . .i know this is you Julie... One day we can buy houses to retire there!! (pinned by my friend, Shelia)

my body is here, but my heart is at the BEACH.so true!


Let's have a great summer quotes summer fun life chalk board

get an awesome tan line!!! Never thought to use silly bands!!

tan lines with a silly band! okay I tried this all summer and it doesn't work! you can never put it in the same spot because you don't tan enough in one day to see the lines. and my silly band melted on me one time!

Life's Better At The Beach Summer Sticker Decal Home Wall Art $12.50

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sitting on the beach at sunset with him

♥ I wanna sit on the beach and watch the sun set with him :)