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Weekend DIYs

by Julia Millay Walsh
Whether you want to throw a nautical dinner party, want to capture memories at your next party, or want to whip up some affordable wall art, I've got a DIY in store for you! Get busy this weekend with these fun craft and decorating projects.

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I see these old paintings at goodwill all the time that are not really my style but I hate the idea of them going to waste. This is a great way to use those paintings and keep the original art but flare it up for your own home!

DIY Terrarium Favors on Wall - Magnetic metal tins are the perfect containers for tiny vertical terrariums. These vertical terrarium wedding favors make great gifts because they don’t take any room. Creative Terrarium Containers,,

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Hand paint watercolor pixel art. Alternately, you could cut squares from paint swatch colors from the hardware store | 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

Oooooo the possibilities are ENDLESS!! I could use scrapbook paper, photos, 3D designs.... yum.

I bet I could do this on a larger scale with zip ties for a cool stack structure on a tabletop for a craft show display!

Art in the kitchen -- definitely! But it doesn't have to be of food. Think how fun to see pics of the kiddies in these same frames. Or how about an inspiring photo of your grandmother who taught you to cook?