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    I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted paychecks.

    ha true


    50 Funny Images That Will Make You Laugh Instantly

    But seriously

    In light of the impending #bacon shortage this is quite a very serious way...

    /I chose not to. Oy vey that our real faces are interpreted as sick.

    Funny Friendship Ecard: If you're not my friend behind my back, don't pretend to be my friend to my face.

    'Are they twins?!' No, they're triplets. I just leave the ugly one at home.


    Ha so true

    what really makes me sad is I know people personally that have this problem. Priorities people!

    Please hold while I put you on mute So my co-workers and I Can laugh about what a Dumbass you are.

    #ecard #ecards

    Hell ya! If I make it this week someone should give me a gold Medal! - I'm down to the last week before I finally see him! This feels longer than the past 6 months have taken

    rule #1!

    Life is like a camera.


    If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel.... so true!

    haha so true!

    JD Salinger quote. So true.

    oooooooooo words of wisdom here.