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Glade: Spring, 3

CONSUMER AD - Aimed at the people who buy the product for their own or someone else's use.

Paint an old window frame and place a string from one side to the other in the middle cute for girls rooms

DESIGNED AD - I love the color of green they used for the point that they were trying to get across.

pantone tarts!

DESIGNED AD - Volkswagon always does good on there design. The roller coaster follows the third lines which makes it easy to follow. Adding the sunset gives another point of interest.

3 dozen flower tutorials!


invitation design.

DESIGNED AD - Google always has very interesting ads. The horizon in on the third line. The main body is in a nice box and the company is subtly placed.

SAFETY AD - This is all about not using your phone while you are driving.

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poster design

How To Design (and use) The Best Business Card

spindle snowmen spindles are $3 at lowes.

#typography #type #design

POORLY DESIGNED AD - This ad has no focal point, to much copy. and to many colors. No hierarchy, spacing, or alignment. EWWW!!!

Apple #Beverage #Packaging #Design

DESIGNED AD - Audi put use to that crazy logo with there JOU ad. It is a typogram in a way and really gives more meaning to both the logo and the word.

DESIGNED AD - Mercedes-Benz did a great job. There are three areas of focus. The sign, and the two areas of text.