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The Mushroom That's Only Poisonous If You're Also Drinking

Coprinoid mushrooms... Look like something from Dr. Suess

Rood met witte stippen. Net een dorpje. Ze schoten als paddestoelen uit de grond. Zal wel een vinex locatie wezen...

Red mushrooms with white dots, carpeting a forest floor. Don't eat them-- poisonous-- but so fascinating in the cool woods with rich soil dirt. - DdO:) - - PEACE GIVING... a quiet solitary place away from people, to just listen to birds and woodlands sounds. Pinned via vasilektra's NATURE Pinterest board.

Mushroom - Basidiomycota - Fungi (Contain Club Structure with Basidium). This one is particularly neat looking.

mushrooms: I'm gonna print this for my bathroom along with the other pictures of pretty mushrooms! Why do I like looking at them, but hate eating them? The world may never know....