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I have a picture of me kissing a cardboard justin bieber right before I was modeling in a fashion show and when my grandma came to watch me she asked "oh, is he over there?" And I was like "no, grandma, he is not over there. Unfortunately." Lol it was this exact cardboard cutout.

Headphone Legislation at my house use is necessary to ensure domestic tranquility. a-If I have to hear Justin Beiber anymore I will not be responsible for my actions.

So true, this defines Justin without a doubt

JB made the best comeback in history. At least respect him for that.

justin bieber is mine and lots of others insparation. he is all about helping people. justin is my world and everything i belieb in. i lovee you justin!!! i know why god made you... because he knew that u could make a difference!

I was born to be somebody, aint nothing that's ever gonna stop me. i'll light up the sky like lightning. I'm gonna rise above, show em what i'm made of. I was born to be somebody, i was born to beeeee, this world belongs to me!

"Why do you obsess over him" "He's a druggy" "How could you ever look up to him"

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"Why do you obsess over him" "He's a druggy" "How could you ever look up to him"<---- Because he's inspiring,sweet,love able,and he cares for us when nobody else does!

ya'll can't hate Justin Bieber!!! Look at him!!!⚽️

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Justin Bieber pull up the pants, keep your tongue in your mouth.

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Free printable art print inspired by Justin Bieber via TomKat Studio. Can't believe it's Justin bieber.

keep calm n be a belieber

keep calm n be a belieber