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  • Domenico Franchi

    Hangyoku with colorful obi and kimono. Hand-colored photo, 1905, Japan. Image via Blue Ruin 1 of Flickr

  • Yorke Antique Textiles

    Magic Hiding Hat Obi 1905 by Blue Ruin1, via Flickr. Kakuregasa or “Magic Hiding Hats” one of the auspicious collection of treasures motifs, said to render the wearer invisible to daemons and evil spirits. I found a very similar pattern pictured in a book called “Kimono and the Motifs of Japan” by Katsumi Yumioka.

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Maiko 舞妓 with beautiful green kimono

Geishas are expert entertainers in traditional Japanese arts of the highest calibre.

This is a perfect photo of a Maiko. Notice how everyone she's walking towards has stopped to look at her! That's what a striking sight these ladies are. Also notice: long obi, hair ornaments, high shoes, all hallmarks of the Maiko.

OBI is a sash for traditional Japanese dress, keikogi worn for Japanese martial arts, and part of kimono outfits. There are many types of OBI, most for women: wide obis made of brocade and narrower, simpler obis for everyday wear. The fanciest and most colourful obis are for young unmarried women. The usage of the obi is regulated by many unwritten rules.

Dragonfly Kimono 1905 :: The dragonfly is a late summer to early autumn motif. ( colorized photo )

Kimono black Shibori: Detail of an obi- the elaborate back bow on this female wedding guest's costume by Kev Wood.

Maiko's obi. Photo: "Mameteru" by fuyou-hime on Flickr.

la grace est une impression furtive et fragile..une beauté hors de ce monde ...insaisissable et pourtant si offerte a ceux qui savent,les sens en éveil...baisser les yeux ! frederique

Bride's Trousseau 1905. A lovely image of a Japanese Bride, wearing a beautiful Uchikake (outer kimono) decorated with a Bamboo, Pine and Plum Blossom motif, known as the "three friends of winter", an auspicious grouping often associated with the marriage ceremony, the motif represents Mount Horai and the wish for a long and happy life for the new couple. S)..

I love the colors and patterns as well as the smoothness of the white paint. Her black hair also makes a really nice contrast.