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I just can't stop talking about worms! Build a worm bin to create a rich compost of ‘black gold’ for your garden

Worm Composting... My point with these examples is that you don't have to spend $100 on a commercial bin to get started. Although you can do that too. Yes I do love composting with worms.

Worms for the garden, bait, composting and as pets. This site also has organic seeds and other products for the environmentally aware gardener.

How to Make Your Own Worm Compost System

What and what not to feed worm-farm worms.

Building a small worm-composting bin at home is a fun way to teach kids how to magically transform kitchen scraps into "gardeners' gold" with the help of wriggling critters. Bins are fast, easy and inexpensive to make. They also take up very little space.

DIY--A compost bin is a necessary companion to My new garden. The darker the barrels, the warmer they get, which is what you want with composting.

DIY spinning composter::supplies needed and excellent how to construct

Make a Kitchen Scrap Mini Compost Bin. trying this in the lower 1/3 of large planters..