Kitchen Knitted Dishcloth 3 - set of 3 by Deb Buckingham

<3, <3 and <3 - I <3 it!

Allegro Cardigan - Knitting Patterns by Marjorie Dussaud

Kitchen Knitted Dishcloths 2 - set of 3 Pattern

Kitchen Knitted Dishcloths 2 - set of 3 Pattern

Such a lovely crochet blanket with two motifs: the sunburst granny and the puff daisy one! <3<3<3

Knitted Miffy <3

Really cute, free hat patterns. <3

knit. k1p3. shift every 3 rows

Dishcloths by the Dozen LA75000 - 12 Designs These 12 knit and crochet designs are perfect for people who know one method and want to learn the other! Dishcloths are small, easy and quick. Beginners will love it!

Handmade Knitted Dishcloths Set of 3 by sewfuncreations1988, $15.00

Loie_3 | DisgruntledOwl on Flickr

Knitting Pattern -Baby Chick Booties (Boots) knitting pattern- MADMONKEYKNITS. $3.95, via Etsy.

<3... This is gorgeous! DROPS free pattern.

Knitting BIB Pattern Elephant PDF by ezcareknits on Etsy, $3.00

Knitting - Kitchen Patterns - Colorful Kitchen Set

Carnation Kitchen Set Crochet Pattern-

kpk129's Lollipop Zebras... **I just bought the pattern to make all 3 animals!! :o) can't wait to knit the zebra though. What colors shall I use???

Picture of Christmas Dishcloths Set Crochet Pattern

Bottoms Up Dishcloth Set - Knitting Patterns by Christine Olson