Kitchen Knitted Dishcloth 3 - set of 3 by Deb Buckingham

<3, <3 and <3 - I <3 it!

Allegro Cardigan - Knitting Patterns by Marjorie Dussaud

Kitchen Knitted Dishcloths 2 - set of 3 Pattern

Such a lovely crochet blanket with two motifs: the sunburst granny and the puff daisy one! <3<3<3

Knitted Miffy <3

Kitchen Discloths Set 4 Pattern by Deb Buckingham

Really cute, free hat patterns. <3

knit. k1p3. shift every 3 rows

Handmade Knitted Dishcloths Set of 3 by sewfuncreations1988, $15.00

Loie_3 | DisgruntledOwl on Flickr

Knitting Pattern -Baby Chick Booties (Boots) knitting pattern- MADMONKEYKNITS. $3.95, via Etsy.

<3... This is gorgeous! DROPS free pattern.

Knitting - Kitchen Patterns - Colorful Kitchen Set

Knitting BIB Pattern Elephant PDF by ezcareknits on Etsy, $3.00

Carnation Kitchen Set Crochet Pattern-

kpk129's Lollipop Zebras... **I just bought the pattern to make all 3 animals!! :o) can't wait to knit the zebra though. What colors shall I use???

Knitting Cloth Pattern CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT Instant by ezcareknits, $3.00