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"It's a fair cop" London Police. There are many suggestions about how the police force got its many nicknames. On the street the police were known as ’bobbies’ and ‘peelers’, which came from the name of their founder. ‘Coppers’ came from the bands of copper on their truncheons and the name ‘Old Bill’ was used because the policemen bore the symbol of the king – William IV.

2009 15 year-old Alyssa Bustamante lured 9 year-old Elizabeth Olten into woods, where she used a knife to slash the girls throat and wrists, she then strangled her. Alyssa disposed of Elizabeth's body in a pre-dug grave. She told police she wanted to know what it felt like to kill. In her diary she wrote, "It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable. I gotta go to church" She was sentenced to life in Feb 2012.

From the time daguerreotypes became available c.1839, Memento Mori photos were a way of honoring & remembering the dead. The practice faded after about 1900 as cameras became common & people were likely to have other photos taken during life.

Robert Peel's Act was passed, to establish a new police force in London and its suburbs, on this day 19th June, 1829. They were known as Peelers and then Bobbies, derived from his surname and Christian name respectively

1876 Street Life in Victorian London. While this is definitely later than SIS, I like this image because it's how I imagine the other Bobbies Thaddeus works with.

Newspaper report on the Whitechapel murderer aka Jack the Ripper, 1888

I reference Paternoster in SIS. Lodging (or 'Doss') House on Paternoster Row, London, c1900. Many of the poorest people had to sleep in such overcrowded common houses for about 6d per night.

These types of business cards were given to men at train stations as they entered town to advertise houses of prostitution. These cards were in popular and open use until the 1930's. The women were called "Soiled Doves" in the Victorian era. During the Civil War there was such a huge epidemic of venereal disease that in one town the army quarantined "doves" on a river boat. BiddyCraft

NY Daily Newsfrom NY Daily News

Italian nurse kills as many as 38 'annoying' patients: cops

An Italian nurse killed as many as 38 patients because she thought they — and their visiting families — were annoying, police said.

Up until the 20th century, London was filled with squalid slums known as Rookeries. The most famous was in St Giles, though other Rookeries include Rosemary Lane and Jacob's Island in Bermondsey.

East End slum Street 1912 ~ The Whitechapel district of London at the end of the nineteenth century was generally regarded as being a ‘horrible black labyrinth, reeking from end to end and swarming with human vermin, whose trade is robbery and whose recreation is murder’.

A suffragette arrested in the street by two police officers in London in 1914's_suffrage_in_the_United_Kingdom