Thy Hand Hath Provided - a Mennonite mom's step by step instructions, with lots of pictures, on how they preserve food.

Vegetable Beef Soup ready for canning - I like this better than freezing, less preplanning required.

Can you believe it? –homemade strawberry preserves with only three ingredients!

Freeze & Preserve Herbs In Olive Oil ~ Here’s a new amazing way to shorten the time spent on kitchen and make your cooking way easier.

How to make your own pectin to use for making jams and jellies. So cool!

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How to Make Your Own Pectin - An easy, frugal, self reliance skill. Step by step instructions with pictures.

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Paula Deen's step by step canning food

food storage - meals in a jar with a shelf life of 5 - 7 years. This site is awesome if you are interested in food storage.

Beginner's Guide to Canning--everything you need to know about equipment, recipes, steps to take, and links to research-based websites to answer every question under the sun. Easy to read with great pictures.

Huge site full of water bath and pressure canning recipes! I'm going to need this once our veggie garden is going full-tilt!

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peanut butter lids fit canning jars!

Home Canning Food Instructions on How to Can Fruit and Vegetables with amounts of fruit & veggies needed!! Great chart and info! Detailed Home Canning Instructions on How to Can Fruit and Vegetables

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Read this How To guide to canning - Videos, infographs and great tips and instructions for all your questions and curiosities! This is an essential step in prepping, so get started today!

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