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    This gave me an idea for one of my favorite quotes: Take a picture of hands in family and hang under the quote: "Un homme est qu'il a fait, par ses mains voyons sa coeur." ( A man is what he has done, by his hands we see his heart.) -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Journal Ideas. Id like to do this w the kids. It would be great to see their responses. Maybe even frame.

    2013 " Worldwide Sink HOLES" In the news, Volcanoes erupting worldwide. BIBLICAL Destroying Storms, Tornadoes, Floods, Famines, Great Hail, Hurricanes, and typhoons, And Lighting. Title of picture "Mina completing the tale of Alice and Wonderland????" (Destroying Storms for each Storm there is a reaction)

    Beware the coffee shop people. You could very well be in half a dozen novels and not know it.

    Characters for an Epic Tale - - which ones make an appearance in your novel?

    Fletcher talks about how creating characters with realistic characteristics is important. This pin I believe it's just perfect, it describes the different point Fletcher described in the text. We have to imagine the facial expressions, how they talk, how they feel and even put a name that goes along with the characteristics of your character.

    But even professional assasins have hearts and mothers. Hehe, my two assasins are young girls who kill BECAUSE of their mothers. Because of their mothers' deaths, actually.

    Six-word stories. Writing prompts. These are kinda beautiful, also mostly tragic. :(

    VOICE - use your best "Polar Bear Mama" voice and write what you might say to your bear cub if you were her mom.