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  • Brooke Allen

    & I quote.. "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!!""

  • Kristie Luther

    I kind of laughed out loud with this one, even though it is so true and not supposed to be "that" funny..

  • Lynneth Muñoz

    Ecards humor funny Lol --- Hahahahaha!!---Your email was a confession of all the backhanded things you did and you were completely OFF on everything you said about me, you really NEVER knew me for who I really am, you only projected and saw all you are, I feel bad for you. You threw yourself under the bus! And stop babysitting me and what I do online!

  • LadyPA Virtual Services LLC

    Dealing with some people is like trying to nail jello to the wall. #funnystuff #socialsharing

  • Tarah Hardin

    LOL I <3 my friends. Funny stuff tonight. ;)

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Bahahahaha...might have to use this one next time :-P

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