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  • Jocelyn Iverson

    Quick and easy story elements flip book and other great ideas!!!!

  • Tally Jackson

    This site has lots of language arts foldables + interactive notebook ideas and common core!!

  • Briana Hagerman

    A Teacher's Treasure: FoldiFun Factory. Love this website! Lots of great ideas!!!

  • Debbie Handy

    Story Summarizer foldables from "A Teacher's Treasure"

  • Jeanette Rivera

    A Teacher's Treasure: FoldiFun Factory-Story Summary Foldable.

  • Brooke Nolley

    FoldiFun Foldables Factory! NEW Foldables!!! - I use this graphic organizer all the time. I love the idea of using it with a foldable!

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This poster would be great to teach students about summarizing, as the NYS ELA Common core standards indicate : 4.RL.2 and 5.RL.2 asks students to summarize a text they have read. This poster can be a reference tool when students start summary writing.

The SWBS strategy is my favorite one for students to use when working on summarizing. This graphic organizer could be completed by all students and placed on a bulletin board as book recommendations.

Reading group or intervention game! A fun idea would be to roll the die and begin a made-up story, each person that rolls tells the next part. 1. Roll all first. Write down your numbers. 2. Begin the story in numerical order. It does not matter how many play, just so there are 2, even if one is teacher or babysitter. Lots of fun in store! MamaPat

Great breakdown of how to summarize without overdoing it.... difficult for students of every age.

Sammy the Super Summarizer...from the Teeny Tiny Teacher, too cute and I loove the way she uses her lasso to summarize too

Love this idea :) -- "The incredible shrinking notes" Students start out writing a summary of their reading on the large index card. They are then given a medium sized card and have to take the info from the large card and condense it. By the time students get to the small index card they're getting to the main point/idea of the reading selection.

Common Core Reading Foldables - for this one, they read a story, then draw a picture or write to answer questions

A 'Retell Rope' is a rope that has 8 knots down it - one for each area that they need to include in their retell.  It provides a kinesthetic hook for them to hang their retelling information on.

fictional narrative planning/summarizing tool

List of books in this post that are great for kiddos to draw what they are hearing while you read the stories, then have them retell what they drew/remember. Great discussion method.