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Healed lobe enlargement done some weeks back. 5/8” - 7/8”. Single Flare Jewelry by #anatometal anodized Blurple. Also featuring a set of healed #surfaceanchors anodized Blurple done by @richardeffinivey. (at Warlock’s Tattoo & Piercing)

The diamond necklace, part of the French crown jewels was collier aux quartre rivieres, a four-strand diamond necklace which originally had two large shoulder bows. Set with 222 diamonds weighing a total of 363 carats.

Urban Outfittersfrom Urban Outfitters

Cosmic Dust Earring Set

Cosmic Dust Earring Set $16

7/16" Super Gemmed Eyelets in ASTM F-136 titanium, anodized green with synthetic Opal #11 gems

- Super Gemmed Eyelets - ANATOMETAL - Professional Grade Body Piercing Jewelry

Flower Earrings in ASTM F-136 titanium, anodized copper; CZ, synthetic Ruby gemstones

5/8" Organic Wood Dangle Tunnel Set Created with Swarovski Crystals | Body Candy Body Jewelry

<3 #skeleton #halloween #spooky #plugs #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #bodymods #bodymodification

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

00ga Super Gemmed Eyelets in ASTM F-136 titanium, anodized blue with synthetic Opals #6 and #5 gems

Stainless Steel Pink and Clear Gem Flower Wreath Tunnel | Body Candy Body Jewelry #bodycandy

1/2" Super Teardrop Eyelets in ASTM F-136 titanium with Synthetic Ruby, Synthetic Aquamarine, and synthetic Garnet gemstones

4ga Single Stone Eyelets in ASTM F-136 titanium, anodized yellow; synthetic Opal #17 gems