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Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons at CHEFS -- have these and LOVE them! Recommend them to EVERYone!

Salt and Pepper Mills

Custom printed play mat.. The child gets to learn the local streets in their neighborhood , while driving their toy cars on this custom-designed road map play mat.

Black combat boot rollerskates!

No more "I-won't-take-my-medicine" wars! This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! When your child requires medication, just fill it as needed, snap it in place, and let your child's favorite beverage mask the taste. Beats diluting medications directly, because you can see exactly how much medication your child consumes. Invented by a doctor dad for his own children.

pup bowls- then you don't have to pick them up every time you touch up your floors! NEED

Crocheted faux taxidermy = awesome!

Curl by Milos Todorovic, via Behance


personalized dog collars with no jingling!

Waterproof planetarium floats in water & contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over.”

Lunch Crock- I need one of these!!

Wine barrel chairs!

Cool Steampunk Bluetooth headset

wireless cellphone rings

Crazy Egg & Pancake Fryers, $5 - $13

7 Unusual Tea Infusers

Time Warp Shelf Clock, $13.62

Cute little snail to hold my tea bag.

Speakers that can go throughout the house. - this is awesome... stocking stuffer?

duck socks

Mary Poppins weathervane

Book Worm