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lea stein

A very large, Lea Stein, lying down cat brooch in ivorine colour with brown/black decoration.

Golden Standing Cat Pin, by Lea Stein, Paris. I first came across Lea Stein in Salzburg, I love the simplicity of her work, she uses Bakelite and the colours are magnificent

In a sleek, glistening coat of golden, iridescent, laminated cellulose acetate this classy cat stands tall and proud! Her jet black eyes and ears add

Lea Stein elephant

Lea Stein elephant

Marie-Christine Pavone Cat Brooch

Marie-Christine Pavone Cat Brooch I have a long driveway and this could be a nice way of letting people know I have pets, drive with caution.

http://agitare-kurzartikel.blogspot.com/2012/09/juicy-plus-das-sind-mindestens-7.html  Lea Stein cat pin

Parisian LEA STEIN married Fernand, a chemist, who developed a process to laminate layers of celluloid with other materials,

ねこ ネコのミニトレイ 小皿 箸置 アクセサリートレイ。【デコレ/DECOLE】HappyCatday豆皿箸置き 小皿

ねこ ネコのミニトレイ 小皿 箸置 アクセサリートレイ。【デコレ/DECOLE】HappyCatday豆皿箸置き 小皿