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    • Debra

      @marylene58 @Clumzi_Loc @Whitney White @markresse @Marc Purtell @Paula Duvall @The Democrats Its Spring & Love is in the Air

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    Bestowed onto Chris Cuomo - who couldn't get a story right if he tried ...he's a huge race monger! & #Douchetard

    King of the Arrogant douche bags!!!

    This guy takes the DB cake!

    Ugghhh! No words this Heretic!

    It takes a special kind of douche-bag to co-opt his kids to win an election ~ P.O.S


    Still McCain biggest F***tard on the Right

    oh Sandra Fluke...

    Idiot of the Week Brian Ross of ABC

    Matt Lauer - pleezzzzzzee!! what an ass clown!

    Top 5 Most Annoying Women on TV Nancy Grace, Ursula from Operation Repo, Joy Behar, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Flo from the Progressive Commercials. All are loud, in your face, opinionated and annoying.

    Biggest Neapolitan D-bag yet!

    smug bastard

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a raging lunatic --

    Chuck Schumer is legislating syrup now

    Eric Holder To Be Held In Contempt Of Congress?

    Anthony Weiner (getting ready to take a pic of his weiner!)

    Chris Dodd

    Joe Biden - no explenation necessary


    huge d-bag

    big d-bag