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For Mitch Albom it was his college professor. After 20 years, he rediscovered Morrie in the last months of the older man’s life. Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they used to back in college. Their rekindled relationship turned into one final “class”: lessons in how to live.Tuesdays with Morrie shares their time together, through which Mitch shares Morrie’s lasting gift with the world.

Here is the contribution from my favorite Bronte sister. Although they are all very talented writers, Emily is kind of dark and creepy for my liking. Although this book has a lot of strife in it, there is light on the horizon. It really makes you think!

Tuesdays With Morrie * Mitch Albom's 1997 memoir about his inspiring friendship with his former professor, Morrie Schwartz.

A dark blue book cover. "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" covers the top half and "Author of the international bestseller: 'Tuesdays With Morrie'" is across the bottom. Both are in white text. In the middle is a white Ferris wheel sitting on a red banner reading "Mitch Albom".

A long time ago, Starbucks was selling this book and I sat down with coffee to flip through it to see if it was worth buying... Three hours later I'd read the whole thing...without buying. Whoops. So good! [Turned into a TV movie in 1999--from Wikipedia]

What would you do if you had one more time to do something over again?

"Don't let go too soon but, but don't hang on too long." An old man, a young man, and life's greatest lessons!

"There is a temperate zone in the mind, between luxurious indolence and exacting work; and it is to this region, just between laziness and labor, that summer reading belongs." - Henry Ward Beecher

A great story about mentoring. I wish I had had a Morrie back in my younger years to advise me:)

The 5 People you Meet in Heaven Mitch Albom