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    The Office THis is funny where Pam realizes that the reason the baby has latched on and is nursing so well is that being sleepy, Jim gave her the wrong baby and since she was sleepy too she didn't realize until Isabel came in and wanted to see the baby and she saw Cece sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. To me this is the stuff the Office does so well.

    The Office

    One of my all-time favorite love stories. Jim & Pam. The Office. Stress relief. Soulmates.

    Jim & Pam

    Oh Jim

    Jim and Pam

    Jim and Pam :)

    i love jim and pam ♥

    Pam getting out her anger that Michael dated her mom in the then had the nerve to dump her on her birthday while at a lunch he forced Jim and Pam to go to at a favorite childhood restaurant of Pams. She decides not to hit him after all & Michael 'stick your foot in your mouth' Scott has to say FTR Your mom came onto me and Pam spun around and slapped him good. LOVED both when Jim asked if it made Pam feel beeter and she said NO you were right and when Dwight asked Michael why he was limping.

    The Office haha classic jim.

    lol jim's face

    The Office

    1 in 6...Jim and Pam. The Office

    Pam and I are engaged! ::::various rude comments from rude fellow office workers:::: Micheal arrives... What's going on? Pam {from phone} No, Nothing Micheal! Creed (who normally has no idea what's going on... The tall guy got engaged! Michael... to be married? Jim... Yep! Michael tackles Jim knocking him right over. Pam {still on phone and now feeling bad because she insisted Jim should tell then that it wouldn't be that bad} SORRY!


    When Pam finds this list by Jim before she gives birth to Phillip Halpert: | The Best Jim And Pam Moments From "The Office" (So Far)

    The Office Jim and Pam are just back from their honeymoon and Michael and Jim are taking a break together only for Michael to let him on on the fact that he's dating Pam's mom. Michael: 'I think more than anything Pam just wants me to be happy.' Jim: 'Not more than anything.'

    hahaha Michael's weird obsession with Ryan.