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From speake Kate Messner's blog: Nicoletta Daskolakas and Jessica Patrick were the official TED makeup artists, and they were both super-talented and incredibly kind (even to those of us who don’t really know our mascara from our lip liner on a regular day). Bill Nye and I had our hair/makeup appointment together.... I kept thinking, “How surreal is this? I’m having my makeup done with Bill Nye?!!"

From the blog of speaker Kate Messner: Monday was rehearsal day. It was great to have the opportunity to stand on the stage and see what it would be like speaking later on in the conference. There are monitors on the floor as well as a digital clock that counts down your time (six minutes, in my case!)

Bill Bragin snapped this photo of Red Baraat rehearsing in front of the big red TED letters. Have you heard them?

TED photographer Duncan Davidson shot this in the hallway backstage at TED. It's my best "I am on an important call, please don't make me giggle" face

A few of TED's engineers camp out in the Media Cave. From right: UX designer Aaron Weyenberg with engineers Mark Bogdanoff, George Riley and Ken Hill. Backstage at TED2012: Full Spectrum. Photo: Robert Leslie