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  • Kristen Raye

    Definitely using this for weekly vocabulary words!

  • Kelly Kemper

    Teaching classroom organizing ideas from Dandelions Dragonflies

  • S Myers

    vocabulary foldables at dandelions and dragonflies blog

  • Katie Hearn

    Word study idea - students or groups could each do a root word

  • Erin Medley

    This is activity is great for teaching root words, prefixes, and suffixes! It not only helps students to learn the meaning of the specific root, prefix or suffix, but allows them to practice thinking of words that use this particular root, prefix or suffix. This activity is also a vocabulary builder! (Lacey Esposito)

  • Becca McCormick

    Interesting idea for Greek/Latin roots... Always looking to spice that up!

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Foldable idea for root words On top of the flap they wrote the word they chose. Under the flap they had to write the definition and a sentence, some chose to draw a picture too.

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Hey, Kristi Akers, maybe a good organizer for some of your root-word work with some of the more graphic/visual students!

Perfect for Reading Street:). We have a lot of word origin in Reading Street and I always give them extra Greek and Latin to study through out the week. This is a cool way to study...

Word Identification #2- The Root of it All Bulletin Board. This would be great for learning any prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Have students place similar prefixes, suffixes, or root word on a certain part of the tree. Like un- on the branches and in- on the bark of the tree.

Word Study: Latin and Greek Root/Affix Reference Table

Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes, what a great idea!

Noun flap book - this teacher used it as end of the year review using pics from magazines with appropriate noun label under the flap

This classroom tested game has the students actively engaged in learning Greek and Latin Roots. They talk the roots out while trying to find match...

ROOTS - big in 5th/6th grade Word Study. Plus, this blog has lots of other great anchor charts and organization ideas.

Greek and Latin Roots: Interactive Notebook! Combines the instructional value of Greek and Latin roots with the active engagement of Interactive Notebooks. $

Greek and Latin root word graphic organizer, plus a few other fun vocabulary activities. Free!