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Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar: Grape Caterpillar Kebobs with chocolate chip eyes held with icing

Frog apple snack to go with Frog and Toad Together. Book 3 of 16 Spring Books and Free Resources.

Apple and grape frogs! You can use a little cream cheese to stick the arms to the frog and then add his hands and feet. For the eyes, take a couple of small marshmallows {or you could do a blob of cream cheese} and add a chocolate chip to the middle.

Umm Kermit the frog here

Kermit the Frog apples are a healthy snack. Green and red apples are carved to appear like the famous Muppet star. Serve these apple slices with a peanut butter marshmallow dip. Kermit the Frog apples are a good way to convince your kids

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Probably not for baby, but its too cute not to pin inspiration happy school lunches!

This Peachy Parrot looks beautiful and it only takes minutes to decorate!   <a href="">here</a>

16 Fun and Healthy Fruit Snacks for Kids