Jordyn on Bars - girl killed it last weekend! 2 time national champ!

Photo by Eileen Langsley - Aurelia Dobre (Romania) on the way to winning the world title at the 1987 Rotterdam World Championships #gymnastics #beam

Fab 5

Gymnastics. Gymnastics. Gymnastics.

Jordyn Wieber

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bars <3

gymnastics quote

Add iron and steel to beauty and grace. Stir in the will to win with a bright smiling face. Blend in love for a sport and friendship within. Fold in bruises and bumps on the surface of skin. Mix in soft flowing arms and straight pointed toes with a twist of the head to complete the pose. Pour in loyalty and dedication for the rest of the team, for the gymnast is striving to fulfill a dream.

Very true.....every single time,,,and then they get really confused when you go on with ur sentence because there thinking of either gym class in school or the workout gym

Loving the black and hologram material though would reconsider the cut...

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Do this all the time

Gabby Douglas (left) and Jordyn Wieber lead a heavily favored U.S. gymnastics team.

Vasiliki Millousi of Greece - podium training at the 2012 European Gymnastics Championships

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