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People like this are the ones who have most likely been through the same as you, or at least are slow to judge and realize that it's deeper than what it appears on the surface. Those are the REAL people and those are the Real and true FRIENDS.

Noon Observationfrom Noon Observation

Khartoum! Where god finally sacked Gordon

the most beautiful people

I experienced this type of monster. The lies, the fraud, the insincerity... Shame on her. Her grief will be fierce when it comes. Karma saw it all. #payyourdebts #liar #user

Sometimes you just don't fit into people's box anymore, and that isn't a bad thing. They say you learn the most about people- and about yourself- when you are down, but really, you learn just as much while experiencing success.

Some need to be married, have that piece of paper. Some need to have titles for the relationship they are in... ALL I WANT is to be with someone that makes me happy.Enjoy our moments with each other-whenever we can be together..and just let it be. End of story~