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Just with one wink

United States' Ryan Lochte reacts after finishing first in the men's individual medley swimming final at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park. Lochte won the first U. gold medal at the 2012 Summer Games.

I used to hate the Kardashians- until I saw this

Ok, really not photograph to LOVE in the sense of amazing photography, but this picture is hilarious. What' snot to love about a photo that's got to be SO embaressing for the Kardashians? talk about awkward family photo.

#sotrue all the time

I pretty much say omg I hate this damn song. And then sing the whole thing in a mocking tone, just so everyone knows. I really hate this song.

Unless you watch Teen Mom, you won't understand the pure hilarity that is Janelle's mom

have fun living on the streets with ya BOOOYFRIEND! - teen mom i love u!

The Kardashians

There is no denying it: Scott Disick is the best person on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sure, you've got the abrasive and funny Khloe Kardashian, the sarcastic Kourtney Kardashian, the controlling Kris Jenner, and the "I can't believe how long it

Not that I have a thing for this particular guy, but I could think of a few men I wouldn't mind them saying this... :)

2 of my favorite things- Josh Hutcherson and raccoons- haha I'm not sure what's funnier the racoon's face or the thing they wrote XD

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Having a bad day? Watch this! Sooooo funny!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Need cheering up? Watch this stuff, I was in tears laughing so hard, I love it when the cast can't hold it together!

get it together, rachel.

ryan gosling, channing tatum and the notebook image on We Heart It