pastel hair rainbow hair When it comes to hair (and love), too much is never enough.

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2014 looks forward to bright hair colour styles on more celebrities than ever before. As rainbow hair colour becomes more popular, we are looking for new ways to sneak it into their look.

Gorgeous And Colorful

Gorgeous And Colorful

I thought this hairstyle and haircolor was very unique and different you don't see many people with rainbow hair but in its own unique way it's beautiful!

half-up Mermaid braid (A strand of outlying hair is added not to each loop but every few bumps)

♥ Rene Memory List ♥: Sponsored: Gorgeous Purple and Blue Ombre Hair Colour by Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 and The Biolage Day! Love this hair!


Oh you sweet thing you. peach is such a lady like colour and this is just the sweetest thing.

another blog with great images

Audrey Kitching - Pink Hair With Rainbow Highlights Oddly enough… I like this on her.

Cabello Multicolor... ♥

Happy rainbow hair, Hippie, colourful, multicoloured hair, dyed hair I'm so not a hippie.

bridal hair styles

Really beautiful pin up hair style with victory rolls and a hot corset!

Might one create whole wigs of brightly colored yarn...like hats of flowing or braided yarn...art for the head...--SR

This screams FUN! Gorgeous rainbow colored hair in a french braid. A real life rainbow bright.