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Political signs make me want to run out and vote. Just kidding, they make me want to have a bonfire.

This is amazing

ANUBIS STAHP<<< I can't<<<<this is even better if you've read the Kane chronicles<<<<<"Anubis let me play",Saddie Kane said.<<<<< did he just throw the sun as Horus or Ra?

"How much is this?" ...as they hold the price tag out to you...well, let's see, the tag says $24.99 so it must be $24.99.

So true! this is to funny! Until you work in customer service answering phones, etc. because there are seriously some stupid questions out there, that make you wan tto give stupid answer!

anti westboro | San Francisco’s Answer to Westboro Baptist Church love it!

San Francisco's Answer to Westboro Baptist Church

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One of the best minds in the world came up with this.

Nicolas Cage pranks « Humor « ImgLuLz – Funny Pics and More ~that's a lot of work! I would be sooo mad!

Dear sweatpants & hoodies, Thanks for being there for me. Sincerely, Sexy & I know it, but too lazy to show it.

Dear, sweatpants & hoodies, My husband may not love you all the time.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness has clearly been to target.

I love Target. I dont love having Target less than 2 minutes from my home.