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  • Deb Martin

    Write like a scientist-awesome website with anchor charts and the thought process behind them.

  • Corin Alleyne

    Write Like a Scientist anchor chart- science notebooks

  • Britney Yount

    If only I was still teaching science...

  • Christine Pitti

    Write like a scientist anchor charts.. Definitely making this as I guide for our interactive science journals!

  • Brenda Cribbs

    SCIENCE: Write Like a Scientist anchor chart

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SCIENCE Vocabulary and Graphic Organizers - Student Aid: Provide students with information that is large and always present. The more times that a student is shown information, the more likely the retention. Students can see posters like this everyday and learn from them without even realizing it. Daydreamers learn while not even noticing :) (Grades K - 12) Found on Pinterest.

What is a scientist - I wish my anchor charts looked like this! If only we had time for science...this chart is awesome.

Anchor chart: write like a scientist. Great for use in writing as well as science, especially with the new CCSS!

anchor chart...had Fido draw it...cuz I am not an artist. Kids came up with great ideas.

What is a Scientist poster...will have a mirror on the face. Want my kids to know that THEY are the scientists!

Used this almost every year with my science classes. Have students draw their vision of what a scientist looks like and the work that they do. Good jumping point for a discussion on stereotypes in science! We don't all look like Einstein... ;-)

After a class discuss on what a scientist is and their jobs you can have the students get into groups and fill out this form of what a scientist can do, what they are, and what they need to make sure the students understand what a scientist does.

i like the idea of the class coming up with the verbs for this bulletin board/poster

I use this in my classroom, but I definitely need to start calling Voice Level 1 "spy talk". It's MUCH cooler than whispering! (If anyone has never heard of this before, I HIGHLY recommend it! It took a couple of weeks for my kids to get the hang of it, but now they ask me what voice level they are allowed to be at for certain activities. It's AMAZING!)