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100 Days Smarter

The 100th day of school is coming! Use this FREE download to give each of your students a little treat to commemorate the day! They'll love it, even in the upper grades! {My 6th graders did!}

Hang on wall with this header: High five's for learning to count by 10s! Could also use for counting by 5's.

Beaded number rods for subtraction! Great visual for students with special needs. Adding concrete materials when performing simple operations, helps build number sense to ensure students are relating quantities to symbols (numbers). For this and more great ways to use beads and pipe cleaners in your math lesson, go to:

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

use a rubber band or hair tie to have the hand sanitizer dispense only a little at a time...good for those kids who love to waste it

Here is an example of a student's 100th day of school necklace. It is made out of fruit loops. Students were encouraged to make patterns with the colors, as well as, make sections of 10 by using the dividers to separate the groups.