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Dear lord.......... I really am insane.......masky, tici toby, Sam, Gabriel, Rick grimes, tony stark, america, so on and so forth...................

Every time I think I'm done laughing, I start again. I love Supernatural.

Why is everyone not a part of this fandom? It's literally perfect. <--This. I would also like to add even if there was time to explain I would still get on the Dean

This is golden and geeky...I should really try to find a life outside geekdom. ...or not

supernatural castiel funny | funny-Supernatural-mother-sounding-joke


This is what I was talking about on this pin:

Me when somebody discusses IT stuff

How to exit like a boss. SO. AWESOME. You might say it was a little SUPERNATURAL! - oh my word Jensen!

♥ loved this part! Cas just casually going through Dean's toiletries and offering to watch over him all night :)

God is so freaking cute! I really miss him and his binge drinking and solicitation of prostitutes!