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    • Monica Suarez

      School treat! Cornucopia Snack Mix for kids at school

    • Kathy Wheeler

      A quick and easy place card idea or just a little snack for the table at Thanksgiving! Bugle Cornucopias Snack Mix - bugles, Runts, and a free printable!

    • DeeAnn Robinson

      #thanksgiving treat bag ideas

    • Heather Lowman

      Cornucopia Snack Mix for kids at school :P I like this idea but I'd much rather give them healtyh foods.. maybe organic fruit snacks, and raisins or craisins instead of Runts... not sure about the Buggles..

    • Sherie Dunn

      Bugle Cornucopias Thanksgiving Snack Mix for kids - Classroom party snacks for kids

    • Alyssa Minton

      Cornucopia Snack Mix for kids. Great for Thanksgiving treats

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