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  • Julie David

    Read book or watch attached video of it - writing prompts b/w

  • Lauren Molbach

    *Children's Books* Crispin: The Pig Who Had It All - by Ted Dewan Teaches about needs & wants. Story includes Santa, so may be a good book to read in November or December

  • Michelle Ostler

    for teaching needs and wants: social studies

  • Springboard Stories

    Crispin The Pig Who Had It All Ted Dewan This is one of our all time favourite Christmas books. We might be raising the most materialistic generation ever but this book celebrates the value of nothing.

  • Kristin Morrison

    Tons of great ideas for every season.

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Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

Checking off the standards you've taught becomes the focus, but the reality is that this quote perfectly describes our true purpose as teachers.

Teach - Inspire - Encourage - Grow - Dream - Passion - Idea - Courage - Learn - Dedication - Drive - Strength - Develop - Heart- Honesty - Believe - Love

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Fuuny how many people think that being a prek teacher is "so easy" and unimportant...if only they were familiar with brain based research demonstrating just how critical these first years are to estsblishing life long habits in all domains!

The original butterfly effect. Love this book to teach how something small can turn into something big.

Pretty sure every teacher uses this motto at some point. The only difference is whether or not they say it out loud. (beanforest)

Great book for showing cause and effect, and to use when comparing fairy tale versions!

Books to use when teaching cause and effect. This would be a great start in teaching independent and dependent quantity