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  • Amy Cassner-Sems

    I played with my Fashion Plates all the time. | SPRINKLES AND PUFFBALLS: Girl's Toys of the 80's

  • Leslie Doser

    OMGawd...Fashion Plates! It was because of these I was convinced I was destined to grow up and be a fashion designer. Hahahaha...

  • Lorrie Culligan

    Fashion plates.... My Jordann would LOVE this. A fashion designer in the making!

  • Janelle Ross

    OMG!!!! I la-la-la-LOVED Fashion Plates when I was a little girl! :)

  • Emily C

    Fashion Plates = fond childhood memories <3

  • Teresa R

    One of my FAVORITE childhood toys! Fashion plates! I still have mine

  • Annedra Ütley

    I *loved* Fashion Plates. Wish I still had mine...\\ I remember this!

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80s fashion (miniskirt) by retro-space, via Flickr

80's fashion. Lol! God there was so much ugly happening back then.

Never had one always wanted one.

Fashion Plates! I HAD ONE OF THIS I LOVED THEM!! SO MANY HOURS of my childhood. #80s #memories

Vintage Set Plus Expansion Set - Tomy Fashion Plates - Girls Fashion Toy From The 70's - Includes Rubber. $100.00, via Etsy.

Fashion Plates! I loved playing with this when I was a kid! Pinned for pic only- RRM

whoa, I grew up one of these! only it was more late 70's / early 80's styles. And you could add texture or patterns to the clothing...

:O OMG!!! I totally remember that! my Grandma had one and I would play with it for hours and hours! :)

This was a defining toy in my life, one of the things that influenced me as a child. My parents knew me better than I knew myself when they gave me this. I went on to learn to sew and get my degree in Fashion Design.

Remember these shirts? 80's fashion...I remember all the kids having one. I wanted one, but i don't think I ever got one.

Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

bath toy from when I was little.