• Stefany Phillips

    Flower pot bird bath. How cute!!

  • Kim Locke

    cute planter ideas love the bird bath on the top

  • Penelope Holguin

    images of clay pots projects |Garden Bird Bath {DIY

  • Tiara Ferrell

    DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath. I like that it has the bird bath. Wouldn't want to do a bird feeder - it'd get grass seeds in your plants.

  • Ex Ungue Leonem

    Topsy Turvey Planter: 6 clay pots including a large one for the base, paint if you want, rebar long enough to extend 1'-2' into the ground and up through bird bath, 1 "boob" ceiling light cover for said birdbath, ceramic bird, aquatic glue, soil and plants. Full tutorial included. Note: as with all clay pots do not leave them out in freezing weather. Any accumulated water will expand when frozen and crack the pot.

  • Jackie Fultz

    garden planter & bird bath i already made cake stands outta them. this might be a nice project.

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