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  • Jungle Jim

    Baby Animals: I dont think there could possibly be a cuter animal on the planet!!!!!! Adorable baby sheep. #BabyAnimals #babysheep #sheep #JungleJim

  • Liz O'Brien

    Baby Lamb. Sweet! LAMBCHOP*

  • Stephanie Chase

    Baby lamb (just look at its little knee patches, look at them!) #babylamb #lamb

  • Donna Kaya

    baby animals... Baaaa lamb chops

  • Melinda Brown

    Early spring baby lamb farm animals!

  • Cornelius Hodkiewicz

    Oh my goodness!! Sweet baby lamb #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

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Such a sweet and fuzzy baby owl (owlet). There's something soothing about this -- the colours, the posture, or maybe it's just the fuzz? ... Photo by Jadru (aka Beforehappiness at Tumblr)

how can some humans look at animals all the time and never really see that they are more than just animals. Look at that love!

Ah, raised many of these growing up....feeding out of a pop bottle with a nipple in the middle of the nite. miss those days.@

Meet Little Margaret - The adorable baby giraffe. here to find out more

What a great post! We just absolutely love animals. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, or anything else, animals are awesome! Don't you agree? -- courtesy of

Baby sloth! Baby sloth yawning... can I hug it? Please? I'll give it back, I promise.

Denholme lambs. This reminds me of the lambs that grazed with the sheep on our property in the fall.

Savasana. Savasana everywhere - loved loved loved by www.evolationyoga...

"Gorilla of my dreams" Nine month old gorilla Monroe plays at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park.

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me