Seven Up, The Uncola, Wet Un Wild, 1970

Bols Liqueur

I just love everything handmade. This #poster in particular I like because of its illustration style.

7-Up likes you! :) #vintage #food #drinks #ads #1940s

Milk for Warmth, WPA poster

1970s patterns - Google Search

Affiche Ancienne Originale Morvan - Yoghourt Danone Par Hervé Morvan

The Pittsburg Visible Writing Machine. Source: NYPL

La Lechera ad * Nestlé (1958)

Frigidaire 1931 booklet cover

Vintage Phillips TV poster

International Phonetic Alphabet Poster Laura Knight

Take a Kodak with you - The Kodak Girl


7UP+Vintage+Billboard+Posters+%283%29.jpg (640×394)

Classic 7UP

Philips Poster for the miniwatt audio vacuum radio tube 1931 | #vintage #retro #advert

John Alcorn Uncola Land (c1970) by MewDeep, via Flickr

vintage poster

campari soda 1950, Franz Marangolo