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Bahaha @Jillian Martino this is too perfect

My life, because I'm going to be a crazy cat lady<----TRUTH


Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: I'm not really a bitch all the time. You just don't like when I call you out on your bullshit. All the time.

have to watch... definitely the best maid of honor EVER!! hilarioussss hahah

maid of honor speech to the tune of Yeah! By Usher. This is the absolute BEST maid/matron of honor "speech" I have ever heard. I really hope my future maid and matron of honor can take notes from this ;

Super adorable bridal party idea...thanks @Liz Waynick

Check out this genius idea! Brady Bunch-style photo of the couple and bridal party! Love this idea!

Love this & am passing it onto Amanda! Cute.

I SPY game, cute idea for each table or as favors for each guest to KEEP the disposable camera & photos, but share them through picture sharing site for us to get copies!

White christmas lights and sheer curtains - beautiful - doing this in my bedroom.

Another year around idea for string light sets out door / pool decor. Tension rods, sheer curtains or fabric, & strings of mini lights. Strings of mini-lights attached to a rod behind sheer fabric.

She may be getting married before me...but if she steals any of my wedding ideas from Pinterest, I'll cut her.

And when you steal them without knowing and she starts planning her wedding, she makes you feel horrible about it because "now I can't do it because you did it" and she never told me any of her ideas anyway!

i hope to goodness the girls who are not engaged & planning their wedding on FB don't show their love interests or BFs their pinterest "Wedding" album bc that must be awkkkkwaaard

This is so true! Good thing I'm planning my wedding, so I have an actual excuse haha

my future wedding invitation. for sure.

unique favors

sadly, we wont have an open bar. but if we had an unlimited budget, i think too many people would come to just the reception haha