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Shooting Sept-October (not earlier).. VERY RED... only doing two sessions. This is 100% trade, there is zero payment. MUA or Costume person = Great if we can find one. If published we get a tear sheet only from the mag, including cover and table of contents. Contact or

16. With the room curtains closed to create the shape of a strip light it forms a perfect rim light from this angle. Standing next to the window to take the picture would have still make a beautiful shot but perhaps it would have been more obvious. ISO 400, 1/60th second at f/4.

Fashion and chic style is not just for size 0s. It is possible to look great, wearing plus sized clothes, if you know what to do. I enjoy fashion...

I'm not sorry that I'm not a tiny little girl with a size 0 waist and nothing but skin and bones. I love my curves and have a badass personality. If you dont like me or think Im unattractive just based on my body type, well F* you. I dont have time for shady judgmental people in my life.