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Opals of the world. This shows the range of opal colors in an array of shapes. Different places yield different colors of opals. A feast for the eyes.

Opal "Pineapples" - an opal pseudomorph formed by the replacement of glauberite by opal - found only in New South Wales

Boulder Opal Rough Gr440 - Buy Rough Opal Product on

Rough boulder opal, so shockingly vibrant.

Opal carving - The hair is carved from an upper layer showing a lot of fire, while the face is from a grey underlying layer.

Lightning Ridge Solid Gem Crystal Opal Calibrated 9 x 7mm A very bright and clean piece of Gem Crystal Opal, playing beautiful greens interlaced with hints of mauve.

This is soap...called Soaprock. This particular variety is called "banded opal" -- not to be confused for opal the stone