recycled glass bottles make beautiful stain glass style insets inframes for windows in a shabby chic, rustic farmhouse , country , boho , vintage or gypsy decor in home or caravan from old chipped glasses or decorative glass bowls etc

I work with stained glass a lot and often use the bottoms of wine bottles in my windows. The bottles with the pushed in bottoms look really cool with the sun shining through.

Idée déco pour Noël, tremper des pommes de pin dans de la peinture, elles ressembleront à des fleurs de porcelaine !

Important Factors to Consider Before Beginning a Mosaic Project by Lou Ann Weeks Before you start cutting tiles or get so excited about doing a mosaic, I have found it is very important to consider several factors first. In doing so, you will save yourself hours of aggravation and regret! Is the piece intended for interior or exterior Is there any moisture that will be in contact with the piece of artwork that you will enjoy for many years!

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