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  • Mónica A

    good old family time XD

  • M.A. Gallerani

    family dinner.

  • Dalia Morgan

    Strange family photo - that kid is hilarious!

  • Sheila Harris

    family reunions

  • Brooke Baham

    I have no idea what's going on in this picture, but I cannot stop laughing at this kids face.

  • Martha Stroud Merry

    Extra Credit: Please make up a story to go with this picture. (This challenge was met by @JulieAnn Bevins) It was a seemingly normal Saturday morning when Calvin stomped his chubby feet on the cool wood floors and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Watching little Calvin happily gobble down his syrup drenched pancakes, no one could know what was in store for them this beautiful sunny day. You could hear the fork screech over Calvins empty plate, as he scrapped every last sweet, golden drop of syrup up to his glutinous lips. He pushed away from the table, hopped to the floor and started towards his room to get ready for a day of stickball and playing pirates with his neighborhood chums, when suddenly Gammy Edwina snatched him by the nape of the neck, announcing it was hair trimming day. Calvin perched himself on the dinningroom chair in only his Under Roos and the same yellow ratty towel wrapped around neck that Gammy insisted upon every six weeks, come hell or high water. Gammy called Calvin her little prince because she used a fine cut lead crystal bowl for her little princes' classic bowl cut that Calvin had come to loathe. As he sat utterly stone still, Calvin could hear the taunts of his school mates ringing in his head, "Dumb and Dumber, Dumb and Dumber, Mushroom head, Mushroom Head...." Calvin began to plead and wimper to at least be given a part. The only response was given by his father Howard who told him to "Man up.". Calvin somberly suffered through his indignity and shuffeled off to his room and caught a glimpse of a pefect golden replica of his Gammys cut crystal bowl staring back at him and proclaimed "You want me to Man Up? I'll show you Manning Up!" Calvin quietly pulled out his chemistry set and Googled how to make hallucinogenic gas. He artfully piped the gas through the ventilation system of the house and let the mayhem begin. The neighbors reported loud singing of " Rocket Man" and strange pinging sounds, which was later identified as Calvins Little Buck A Roo guitar. The camera was still set up for Calvins hair cut photo and what you see above, is the last shot of the family before they were all found in their underwear, strange broad smiles on their faces and their hair had deep sticky side parts. Calvin still cradeling his guitar in one hand and in the other, his chubby fingers clutching his syrup drenched fork.

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