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  • Michelle Christian

    Sicilian Recipe

  • RecipeLion

    Make a delicious rice casserole with this recipe for Rice Ball Casserole! It's easy to prepare and a great weeknight family meal.

  • Carlye Parascand

    Rice Recipe #6: Sicilian Rice Ball Casserole - use homemade sauce and Italian sausages

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Arancine are one of the most traditional foods in all of Sicily.  These fried rice balls resemble oranges - the Italian word for orange is arancia.  They can be stuffed with a variety of mixtures, but a meat sauce, or ragu, is the most traditional.  In Sicily, they are sold everywhere and we loved to see them sold on the street by vendors, in the airport or even gas stations.

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rice balls. i want somebody to make them for me because they look too annoying to make!

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Sicilian Rice Balls by squidoo: Arancini are little oranges because that is what they resemble when they emerge from the fryer. Short grain rice is essential for this recipe, the balls of rice will not be glutinous without it, use a risotto rice.The shapes and fillings very over Sicily as a very very rough rule, the round arancinis are made with a meat sauce, pear shaped arancinis contain chicken and the oval are made with ham and cheese and a bechamel sauce... #Rice_Balls #Arancini #Sicily

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