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Choose carefully. All humanity is not your friend, and one must use discernment to see who's worthy of entering your inner circle and who's not.

Truth. :) And I do, every time we get stupid together & act like kids ♥ I LOVE MY HUSBAND OF ALMOST 19 YEARS

Exactly...God will guide and direct the things that are meant to be into place and no force will be needed! Let go and Let God!!

When; a girl is in love, you can see in her smile...when; a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes. #lovequote #howtobeakeeper

that was one will ever compare to you. You were the love of my life, my best friend, my soul-mate, my everything and now my world is grey and dark and I will never be the same, no-one will ever come close to you..

This is so true. My greatest relationship was with a girl I met one random summer day and she turned out to be the love of my life. To this day I still love her. Even after all the stuff we've been through.

WOW- my thoughts exactly!!!! "For the first time I've found someone I hate leaving. I've found someone I can't get enough of. I've found someone that accepts me for who I am and doesn't tell me I need to change. I think i found someone who I can fall madly in love with."

want a perfect relationship? dont come to me. - by

Okay baby girl:) We will find out cutie ;) I hope to tomorrow but I just don't know lol. If I get out by like 8:30 I can stop by baby girl. What time do U close babe? 9? If it's 9 I would have to get out by 7:30 or 8 lols. I wish we were together babe. Ur absolutely amazing honey!

My heart is open, longing for you to one day come back to me so our love can be once again. I love you.