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    Fill your plate with 1/2 veggies (think dark leafy greens), 1/4 grains or starchy vegetables, and 1/4 protein.

    6 Immunity-Boosting Infused Water Ideas

    Kumar Pallana D.I.Y. Meditation | Dark Rye

    Prenatal Yoga

    The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Fifteen

    7 stellar ways to deal with your anxiety

    The secret is in our hands. The constant pressure/repeated movements it will give the oxygenation of the skin causing the cell activity & lymph flow are stimulated. In the long term will allow the regeneration of skin & tissue that for a healthy & firm skin. Recommended to do it everyday. The effects & results will be better if you use together with the application of a moisturizer. Some active ingredients contained in the cream by the movement, penetrate deeply in the skin layers.


    chest and shoulder opening yoga stretches

    Crystals & Stones: Grounding Techniques.

    Over the last few years, meditation has become a daily practice for several of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

    The Nature of Emotions by Plutchik via The cone’s vertical dimension represents intensity, and the circle represents degrees of similarity among the emotions... whatis.techtarget... #Infographic #Emotions #Plutchik #Robotics #Sentimental_Analysis

    Walk up! Alarm Clock, ZenAwake, BetterMe

    I feel like this every morning when I ride my bike and inhale all the car exhaust.

    Considered the most meticulous and thorough anatomist of his time, physician and anatomist Bartolommeo Eustachi (d.1574) not only had a career embellished with anatomical discoveries and pioneering practices, but was author to one of the discipline’s most influential texts; Tabulae Anatomicae...more at www.theirregulara... ~~ ~~


    How much sugar do you really eat?


    #healthyeating #healthykids

    Top 10 Yoga Poses for Men by mensfitness: Warrior I. #Men #Yoga

    Why Men Should Practice Yoga by amongmen: Yoga has expanded and evolved. Now there are classes for jocks, the extremely inflexible and exercise newbies. Although the “traditional” spiritual aspects are still ubiquitous in yoga, there are also non-dogmatic workouts that cater to a busy and/or athletic lifestyle. Whether your workouts are relaxing or vigorous, yoga's health benefits are substantial. Here are five reasons guys should consider taking a yoga class... #Men #Fitness #Yoga

    Nutrition in Produce by chasingdelicious #Infographic #Nutrition #Fruits #Vegetables