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Wow...gorgeous and a bit spooky!

black with stunning green eyes. Looks just like our cat Salem. She is a "funny" kitty; she hisses when she comes in and when she goes out.

Black tıger

"If a black cat crosses your path, it is a sign that the animal is going somewhere." --Groucho Marx "If a black cat crosses your path, it may be a sign the cat in not going where you are - not necessarily, they can be tricky!

Cats Sybolize; Independence, Spiritual Power, Freedom, Mystery, Magic, Guardianship, Sensuality, Secrets, Curiosity, and spirit. The cat symbol has been important in cultures all across the world, but they were especially honored by the ancient Egyptians, who believed that this spirit animal was magical and god-like.

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Lil' Wee anxiously awaits a cab.  He has had enough of the Family Reunion.

Black cats are the most discriminated of all the cats, it is the same of dogs. That's a shame as black animals love just as any other colored critter. Adopt a black cat!