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Just because that is a picture of One Direction sleeping on a trampoline! (: But in also going to sleep on a trampoline!

dream date!

Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere - Things to do before I die - Bucket List

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Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.I'm sure I will do this when I have kids, or maybe before! I LOVE Disney movies!

Bucket list! Yes! Doing this this summer with @cody borgman borgman borgman Gerrard Beth

"Before I die I want to. go on a vacation with my best friend" Either the Bahamas or Hawaii😊

on my way...

I'm don't need to lose weight but I do need to get to get fit and and in shape. I can barely run for 10 seconds straight! That's why I can't play soccer that well anymore.

Bucket list.

bucket list: Create a memory box and open it years later. it could be filled with all sorts of things from pictures to ticket stubs and candy wrappers.

bake in the middle of the night with someone i love.

Bucket List and Love to do list. Bake in the middle of the night with someone I love its so sweet and simple :)

Bucket List: Go on an African Safari

Go on an African safari + see the "big (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino)

Even though im scared of heights i would so do this!

Before I die, I want to go zip lining on water! I've been zip lining in Belize, and in the U.P, but this would be so fun!