I hate everyone and pants...YES! I need a shirt that says this. Cause it's true. I hate pants and lately I just hate EVERYONE

why are these daily odd compliments so hilarious...

My life.

pretty much

So true

haha! So true!

i do this every single time. (the 1% that is.)

sadly my day requires pants

Busted out laughing so hard i even cried....

True story.

Chubby, single and ready for a pringle. Also, chubby, taken, and ready for some bacon!

@Maddie Pierce this defines us ;)

So true :-)

Every day of my life.

but seriously how do I get into this??

Smartass for life!

someday we will all meet that special someone we would go as far as shaving our legs for!

Somedays, this is EXACTLY how I feel!