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Well, this is the most logical explanation of Santa I've heard in a long time.

Bestie ^.^OMG! My boyfriend got me most beautiful necklace for x-mas!! and my parents bought me a lot of clothes >< What did you get? | Master gave Dobby a sock | ...really? must you always quote harry potter? | Thats how I Rowling | .... | :3

Crazy Text Messages - ppstrongMomMom I have detention today./strong/p pYou know this means a month without internet or your cellphone right?/p pAnyways what did you do?I slapped a kid.Why would you do that?!He said, Harry Potter suckedCOME HERE MY SON I RAISED YOU RIGHT!/p p♥♥♥./p/p

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9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentines That Are Magically Hilarious

9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentine's That Are Magically Hilarious. Why do I always see the funny Valentine's stuff AFTER Valentine's Day?